At our food pantry,

you’ll be treated like family.

Our process is simple and dignified

1. Schedule an Appointment

Your time is valuable, so our process is appointment-based. You’ll never have to guess how long it’ll take to get what you need.

2. Meet With a Caring Volunteer

We’ll ask a few basic questions, help you find the food you’re looking for, and even pack your groceries for you.

3. Take Home Food Your Family Enjoys

“Shop” in our mini-market and take home meat, produce, and pantry items your family will actually eat.

Hunger is a hidden problem

In our community, three out of four families have to choose between buying groceries and paying for utilities.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? That’s because hunger looks different from what we imagine:

  • Hunger is a two-income household that’s still feeling the devastating effects of the housing crash.
  • Hunger is a widower navigating the new normal of a fixed income.
  • Hunger is a high-school cheerleader who doesn’t have access to reduced-cost meals over summer break.
  • Hunger is a single parent with a good job, but whose paycheck goes mostly to rent.

Around here, hunger might be hidden—but it’s a real problem. Together with our partners and generous donors, we’re making a difference.

pounds of food distributed every month

families served monthly

individuals who rely on the Share Center as a reliable source of food

It should be easy to get help

When people don’t have the resources to provide food for their family, they feel worried and embarrassed—and asking for help can be tough. Everything we do at our Share Center is designed to maintain our Guests’ dignity.


Guests are treated as individuals.

There’s no “take a number” at our Share Center. We know our Guests’ names, and we’re honored to serve them.


Guests don't have to "prove" they need food.

We don’t ask for address verification or income statements. If someone says they need food, we believe them, and they can access the pantry twice a month.


Guests select their own food.

Rather than handing people a sack full of random food, we invite our Guests to make their own selections—much like any of us do at a grocery store. That way, they leave with nutritious food their family will actually eat.


Guests choose when to come.

Many of our Guests have jobs, and they can’t afford to take hours off work to wait for their turn at the pantry. By booking an appointment, they know exactly when to arrive and how long they’ll be here.

Approved by These Organizations:

Lakes Region Bible Church   |   House of David Ministries

Lakes Region Bible Church

House of David Ministries

Together, we can make a difference

Give Money

Give $10 to provide 20 meals for families in our community.

Give Food

Help keep our pantry stocked
with nutritious foods.

Give Time

Add meaning to your day by welcoming Guests, sorting donations, and more.

When people don’t have the resources to provide food for their family, they’re left feeling worried and embarrassed. At Luke 3:11 Share Center, we offer a simple, dignified process so people can provide nutritious food their family will enjoy.

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