Why a Pineapple for the Luke 3:11 Share Center logo?

Uncategorized // December 22, 2019 //

In the 17th century, American colonists began importing pineapples from the Caribbean to show hospitality towards dinner guests. Trade routes were slow, perilous and imports were valued tremendously. Hosts would provide the fragrant and delectable fruit as a show of their planning and anticipation of the guests’ arrival. Securing a perfectly ripe, perfectly timed pineapple took planning, prayer, and trust. That trust was in God, the ship’s captain, and the hosts’ own ability to provide a welcoming table for their guests.

Thus, the pineapple became a symbol of the utmost respect for one’s guests and the symbol of gracious hospitality. Pineapples became predominate in many ways. Sea captains would place pineapples on their porch to let neighbors know they were home safe, guest furniture and linens were often adorned with pineapples. The symbol was used for many items associated with welcoming a guest warmly into one’s home. Pineapples are still used in décor today and this fruit welcomes us all with its gracious show of hospitality.

At Luke 3:11 Share Center, we are truly extending the pineapple of hospitality to you and every family that enters. We know there is enough stress on families in need. We want to welcome you graciously and offer a dignified way to provide  nutritious meals.


You will notice that difference when you walk through our doors. You will notice the tables and chairs set up in our community room to provide a place to visit and comfortably wait until it is your time to shop. The Prayer and Care area to helps provide for spiritual needs. Guest hosts are smiling and often greeting families by name. You will shop with a guest host who takes time to ask about you, your family, and enjoy your conversation. Once you complete your shopping, the guest host helps load your groceries into your car. The differences are not just in the community provided, but also in the food quality. There is always a wonderful variety of fresh fruit, produce, high quality meats, and dairy available for our guests.

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